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Tech and Sales Inquiries

Please Use This Form for All Tech and Sales Inquiries
For the Best Service, Provide as Much Information as Possible

Hammer Performance Sales Inquiry and Tech Info Contact Form
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This form is for tech info and sales inquiries. For order status, please use the form below, it goes straight to the right person. Thank you.

Order Status Inquiries

Please Use This Form for All Order Status Inquiries

Hammer Performance Order Status Contact Form
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Phone Number and Address

Feel Free to Contact Us by Phone, Mail, or Email as Well

Phone: (208) 696-1250
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm Pacific Time
E-Mail: sales@hammerperf.com (for tech or sales questions)
orderstatus@hammerperf.com (for order status questions)
payments@hammerperf.com (for Paypal payments)
Please note: Emails sometimes don't make it to us due to spam blockers. To make sure we get your message, please use the Sales Inquiry and Order Status forms above, those always get to us, and they also ask for important information that often gets left out of email inquiries.
Shipping Address: Hammer Performance
355 McGhee Road
Sandpoint, ID 83864
PLEASE NOTE: We try to answer every inquiry within 24 hours. If you don't get a response from us within this time frame, please check your spam folder, this is usually the reason.


Although you're welcome to order directly from our web site, many projects are best served if you have a dialogue with us instead. Our forte' is helping customers individually, which means taking the time to understand your particular situation: what parts you already have, what your goals are, and your budget for getting there. We then take that information and plot the most cost-effective path to help you reach your goals.

Therefore the majority of our business is done after working with the customer and creating a formal estimate. Once we've "hammered" out the details and have it down on paper and it meets your needs, that's when the project proceeds. So don't hesitate to contact us using the sales & tech form above, or feel free to call the shop and talk directly with "HAMMER Dan" Norlin.

Often a project will involve shipping parts to us for services. Usually this means a set of heads, but it can also be things like cylinders, flywheel assemblies, assembled lower ends, even full engines. In this case, the project is really kicked off when the parts hit the door. We unbox them, inspect them, identify the estimate associated with the project, and put your parts into the shop work queue. We then gather the remaining parts needed to complete the order, ordering in anything we don't have in stock. When the parts come out of the shop, we'll contact you for payment info, ship your order, and send you a tracking number. Simple as that. In general, if we have your parts here for service, we don't need any kind of payment until your order is ready to ship.

However, there are some cases where we'll ask for a deposit at the front end of the project. This is generally the case when the order involves custom parts of some sort, or a significant cost for parts that we don't normally stock. We'll let you know if we need a deposit when we work out the estimate with you.

Thanks in advance for your business with HAMMER PERFORMANCE, we sincerely appreciate it.


The most important thing to know about shipping parts to us is pack them well! Many people underestimate how fragile the fins are on heads and cylinders, and there's nothing we hate more than opening a box from a customer and finding bent or broken fins. It's best to wrap each head or cylinder in thick bubble wrap, box them individually, and then put both of those boxes into a larger box with plenty of padding around each. DO NOT SHIP US CYLINDER HEADS IN INDIVIDUAL USPS MEDIUM FLAT RATE BOXES! Yes, we know, the box is about the size of a head. But it's not nearly enough protection and there's a very low chance it'll arrive to us undamaged.

Along the same lines, if the parts are oily put them in plastic bags and seal the bag tightly! If you don't, the oil will find it's way to the cardboard box and dissolve it.

If you're sending heads, there's no need to disassemble them. Leave the valves and springs and all in place, we'll take care of it. If you have an appropriate socket, go ahead and remove any head temp sensor your heads may have. But if you don't have the right socket, just leave it in place and we'll take care of it and make sure you get it back.

Same deal with throttle bodies. If you'd like to remove the injectors and sensors and what not, that's great. But if you don't, we can deal with it.

Use the carrier of your choice; most customers choose UPS or USPS or Fed-Ex, but they all know how to find us. Ship to the address shown above. Make sure you put a note in the box to identify yourself. We deal with numerous customers every day and we have no way of knowing who shipped us parts unless you let us know with a note in the box. If you have an estimate, it's best to include a paper copy in the box; that way we know who the parts came from and exactly which estimate to work against.

Shop Turnaround Time

The turnaround time for work to go through the shop varies depending on the work being done and the time of the year. Contact us for the current lead time on the service you're considering. Our busy season is January through May, when everyone is getting their bikes ready for the riding season, so expect longer turnaround times during this period. It's really crazy in the February through April timeframe. We will not compromise the quality of our work to get things out faster, though. Also, all work is done in the order it was received.

Making Payment

As described above, most of the time if you've sent parts to us, that's enough of a deposit that we don't need further payment until your order is ready to ship. We'll contact you at that time to arrange payment. However, you're free to make full or partial payments toward your order at any time. We automatically apply any payments received to your order and you'll get full credit for them.

Any time you'd like to send a payment to us, your options are:

  • Send us payment via Paypal to payments@hammerperf.com (please reference the estimate or invoice number in the Paypal message to recipient when using this method)
  • Write to us and request a Paypal invoice - you can pay against this with any major credit card
  • Call the shop and leave a credit card number with HAMMER Dan
  • Send us a check
We do not accept credit card numbers by email, sorry, we've found this to be a common sign of credit card fraud. Also, please keep in mind that for any credit card payments, the shipping address must be approved by the card issuer, so be sure the address you're having us ship to is registered with your credit card company.

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