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Bolt-On 1250 Kits for Sportsters & Buells

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Hammer Performance 1250 Kit for 2004-Present Sportster Black with Highlighted Fins and 30 Degree Reverse Dome Sledge Hammer Pistons

These kits use special cylinders with an extra-thick iron liner for maximum rigidity and ring seal. The included SLEDGE HAMMER pistons are the lightest and strongest 1250 pistons available.

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with a Hammer Performance bolt-on 1250cc kit!

Recent Web Site Updates:

11/7/16: Five-Axis CNC Head Porting at HAMMER PERFORMANCE
8/28/16: Mat Hormell Dyno Sheet Posted
7/11/16: Dwayne Buzzell Dyno Sheet Posted
7/7/16: Charles Osgood Dyno Sheet Posted
7/7/16: V&H Competition Series Pipe Test Result Posted
6/28/16: Tim Hopper Dyno Sheet Posted
6/14/16: Richard Cooper Dyno Sheet Posted
6/13/16: Charlie's HD Dyno Sheet Posted
5/3/16: Richard Rivera Dyno Sheet Posted
4/24/16: 120+hp 883-1275 Conversion Package Announced!
2/29/16: Tracey Harrison-Hill Dyno Sheet Posted
2/29/16: John Plaster Dyno Sheet Posted
2/23/16: Cobra PowerPro HP Tested
2/23/16: Rush Slip-Ons Tested
2/8/16: Supertrapp 2 into 2 Tested
12/13/15: New Tech Article: Hopping Up an XL1200 (preliminary)
11/2/15: Joseph Fucci Dyno Sheet Posted
11/2/15: Kelly Carter Dyno Sheet Posted
11/2/15: John Woeck Dyno Sheet Posted
9/7/15: New Tech Article: XL Throttle Body Dyno Results
9/6/15: Carbon Fiber Air Cleaner Covers Available Again
7/21/15: Alex Hurt Dyno Sheet Posted
7/3/15: XL Drivetrain Page Added
6/27/15: New Section Added to the Engine Kit Installation Instructions
6/21/15: Rob Bullard Dyno Sheet Posted
6/16/15: Two New Pictures Added to the Photo Gallery
6/16/15: CNC Machined Fin Edges Available on All 1250 Kits
6/13/15: Five New Pictures Added to the Photo Gallery
6/13/15: Hideki Kusunoki Dyno Sheet Posted
6/13/15: Jim Carli Dyno Sheet Posted
6/10/15: Matt Carpentieri Wins a Wally at Lebanon Valley Dragway
4/24/15: Machined Steel Timing Cup Rotors Now Offered for XL's
4/22/15: Matt Page Dyno Sheet Posted
4/17/15: 32 New Photo Gallery Submissions Added
4/6/15: New XB/XR Crankshaft Upgrade Service for 91-03 XL
3/31/15: XL Ignition Page Added
3/26/15: XL Lubrication Products Added
3/26/15: XL Gaskets Now Available Online
2/20/15: Sample Package Estimates added to Conversion Tech Article
2/16/15: John Plaster Dyno Sheet Posted
2/8/15: New SLEDGE Package Dyno Results for the Shop Mule
1/18/15: Two Brothers Comp-S Tested
1/12/15: Joe Schaffner Dyno Sheet Posted
12/18/14: Meet the HAMMER PERFORMANCE Crew!
12/13/14: Mort Gelberd Dyno Sheet Posted
11/30/14: Brian Kolis Dyno Sheet Posted
11/30/14: Stew Cohn Dyno Sheet Posted
11/6/14: New T-Shirts Available
10/25/14: Chris Bulpitt Dyno Sheet Posted
8/17/14: Blem 1250 Kits Offered on the Garage Sale Page
8/14/14: RSD Tracker Tested
7/26/14: Jonathan Lord Dyno Sheet Posted
7/20/14: Ken Kirby Dyno Sheet Posted
6/16/14: Terry Flynn Dyno Sheet Posted
6/15/14: Aluminum ACR Plugs Now Available
6/13/14: Adam Hunt Dyno Sheet Posted
5/27/14: JackHammer 570 Cams Now Available
5/22/14: Kevin Taggart Dyno Sheet Posted
4/19/14: Ryan Dhabalt Dyno Sheet Posted
4/3/14: Bassani Slip-Ons Tested
3/16/14: Wade Richards Dyno Sheet Posted
3/9/14: Cycle Shack Slash Slip-Ons Tested
3/9/14: Stock 2007 Exhaust Tested
3/6/14: John Plaster Dyno Sheet Posted
3/3/14: The Shop Mule Gets Crushed!
3/3/14: Jay Sutter Dyno Sheet Posted
2/27/14: Additional Information added to the Contact Us page
2/18/14: New Video from RedLine Racing/Madnss
1/19/14: Gaterman Lifters Now Available
12/3/13: RSD Slant 2:1 Exhaust Tested
12/3/13: Art Hernon Dyno Sheet Posted
11/29/13: Seven New Pics Added to the Photo Gallery
11/29/13: New FAQ Section in 883 Conversions Tech Article
11/29/13: John Helfer Dyno Sheet Posted
10/21/13: Terry Flynn Dyno Sheet Posted
10/21/13: Harley Matson Dyno Sheet Posted
9/24/13: Install Instructions for CRUSH & SLEDGE Air Hammers Posted
9/24/13: Install Instructions for IMPACT Air Hammers Posted
9/23/13: New Air Hammer Models Offered
8/20/13: New Tech Article: Dyno Testing XL Exhaust Systems
8/16/13: Fourteen New Head Shots
8/14/13: Dave Cremeans Dyno Sheet Posted
8/5/13: Richard Taylor pic added to the Photo Gallery
8/3/13: Richard Taylor Dyno Sheet Posted
7/27/13: Bob Thompson Dyno Sheet Posted
7/24/13: Aleksey Rozentuler pic added to the Photo Gallery
7/20/13: Seven New Head Shots
7/17/13: Thunderstorm Heads Discontinued
7/12/13: Slapster pic added to the Photo Gallery
7/11/13: Aleksey Rozentuler Dyno Sheet Posted
6/30/13: Six New Head Shots
6/30/13: Dave Wilhdlm pic added to the Photo Gallery
6/25/13: Tyler Woodard Dyno Sheet Posted
6/24/13: HAMMER Customers dominate XLF Shootout
6/24/13: John Helfer pic added to the Photo Gallery
6/22/13: Updated Dyno Sheet for Mort Gelberd

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